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The Ultimate Voluntary Employee Purchasing Program

Luxury Made Easy by LutherSales provides employees the opportunity to purchase premier quality furniture and appliances through Sponsored Payroll Deduction and Voluntary Direct Deposit. Participating employees can choose to purchase furniture from Ashley and Stanley, computers from Apple and HP, TVs from Samsung and Sony, mattresses from KingsDown, and appliances from GE on terms that fit their budget.

The Luxury Made Easy by LutherSales involves no start up costs or risks, and all communications materials needed for successful startup are provided at no charge.

We ARE THE DEFINITIVE ANSWER for maintaining and IMPROVING financial wellness when purchasing name brand quality home merchandise. Not only are we doing it the longest but we do it the best!  Our experience in this segment is unsurpassed.

Brokers earn generous commissions by adding this new and exceptional benefit, expanding on their existing accounts and developing new ones. Full commission is paid within 30 days of delivery of merchandise in combination with the first consumer payment. Fundraisers are able to raise significant funds with no-risk, easy to use programs with substantial upfront donations, no costs or administrative fees and minimal space requirements. Employers find benefit programs offering their employees the opportunity to make life-changing purchases of top brand name products on terms that fit their budgets. Unions and Associations provide their members with benefit programs improving their quality of life that are based on practices of responsible lending.

LutherSales, the leader in Voluntary Employee Benefits Programs Since 1967

For over 49 years LutherSales Appliance and Furniture Sales, Inc. has been a leader in providing name brand, quality products, affordably, by using flexible payment options, tailored to fit comfortably within our customer's budget. Accredited by the Better Business Bureau, LutherSales is dedicated to principals of responsible lending.

We believe that our unmatched customer service, reliability, and quality products are what make shopping at LutherSales such an extraordinary experience. That's why our average customer has been doing business with us for over a decade. LutherSales is truly LUXURY MADE EASY! ®