What We Offer That Others May Not

We encourage you to compare LutherSales vs. other employee purchasing programs. We know our overall selection of Brand Name Products combined with Flexible Credit, and Online Shopping Credit Plans tailored to your employees budget will meet and exceed your expectations. That is why we have been in business since 1967 and why most our customers stay with us long after they have rebuilt their credit.

Employee Empowerment

Let Your Employees Decide.
By giving your team the option to choose LutherSales you are empowering your employees by giving them more choices. We're confident many will opt for the low stress solution that actually rewards them with improving their financial health.

A True Financial Wellness Program

Many employee purchasing programs and "payroll shopping" companies make the claim to helping employees become financially fit but fall short of making that a reality. LutherSales not only takes extreme care to insure that your employees are not burdened with debt, but our longer terms, our underwriting policies, and our in-house credit counselors work to create an easy stress free path to financial health.
We report timely payments to the credit bureaus which translates directly into a better credit rating.


Longer Payment Terms

With up to 36 months to pay, LutherSales provides the longest terms and lowest payments in the industry. The reality of a fixed 12 month term that most of our competitors offer can put an undue financial burden on many people and will result in higher payments. Our customers are offered credit terms that both fit their budget and are in accordance with our practices of responsible lending.


Free Nationwide Delivery

LutherSales FREE Nationwide Delivery can save customers hundreds of dollars and provides transparency that many of our competitors lack in advertised prices. Often customers of other companies find out at the end of the purchasing process that there is a high delivery cost attached to their purchase. At LutherSales we have no hidden costs.


Free White Glove Setup

While many other companies can charge for assembly and setup of your merchandise, LutherSales goes the extra mile to insure that your furniture delivery is assembled and setup to your 100% satisfaction. If you ever had to put together a piece of furniture upon delivery you understand the value of this exclusive service.


Free Extended Warranty on Furniture

LutherSales provides a FREE Extended Warranty on all furniture for the life of the payment plan which is unmatched by any of the other companies that offer a buy now, pay later solution. The norm is a limited 1-year warranty which can result in customers making payments on broken or damaged goods.


Prepay Discounts

LutherSales provides generous discounts on paid in full and for 6 months on extended payment plans for furniture and 3 months on extended payment plans for general merchandise. Compare us to others that offer only one payment plan and no prepaid discount.


Only Latest Name Brand Products

LutherSales offers only the latest brand name products and technology while many of our competitors sometimes sell discontinued or obsolete models. We feature a wide variety of the most popular brands that you know and trust and always make sure our customers are getting the newest technology and merchandise.


Personal In-House Customer Service

LutherSales understands the value of personal service.  That's why we are recognized as the customer service leader in our industry. Our dedicated personal support team is there to provide answers, resolve problems and guide our customers through the process with no long wait times.