In need of a vacation?

Need to get away? Is it time for a family vacation? Do you want some alone time with your spouse or significant other? Plan a trip or vacation with Luthersales.

Luthersales lets you create your dream vacation with is the newest and easiest way to choose and enjoy that luxury vacation that you always dreamed of. Its a unique program that offers you cruises and resort hotels all over the world for the ultimate vacation of a lifetime. You can take your cruise and resort vacation together, or you can cruise now and use your resort vacation at a later date.

This program is unlike others that charge you a monthly fee for being a member. There is no membership fee or club to join. Qualification for our Easy Credit terms depends on your employment, with a minimum of two years for government employees and four years with the same employer for employees in the private offers unmatched variety, convenience, fun and affordability through the convenience of payroll deduction or allotments.

Have Your Vacation, Your Way!

Follow 3 Simple steps:

1) Choose Your Package

2) Pick A Destination

3) Make Three Payments & Pack Your Bags

Check out the website for more details and get started on your vacation with the click of a mouse!

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