Do I Need Good Credit To Get Approved at LutherSales?

We receive a lot calls from customers asking, “Do I need good credit to be approved?”

The answer is NO. At LutherSales™, your job is your credit so you do NOT need good credit to get approved.

Who’s eligible for our program:

Federal Government employees with 2 years full-time service.

•Municipal or State Government employees with 2 years full-time service.

•Healthcare Employees with 2 years full-time service.

•Private sector employees with 3 years full-time service with current employer when purchasing through salary allotment or voluntary direct deposit may also qualify.


Can you get credit if you have not been on the job for at least 2-years?

Yes! Everyone is approved for credit of some type at LutherSales™. We will require some type of deposit which will be dependent upon the size of your order. We will notify you of the deposit amount after processing your application.

Applying is simple. Go to and click on our easy 3-minute apply button. This will bring you to our application page. Fill out the application and be sure to send a current paystub to Application will not be processed without a current paystub. Although most applications are processed within one-business day, please allow up to 48 hours. The status of your application will be given to you via the email address you provided (please mark us as safe or the email may go to your  spam/ junk box) or your account representative will call you. You can also call us during business hours to find out the status of your application 800-358-6466.



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