LutherSales™ Value – What We Do

A Family Story

LutherSales™ began in the rear of a station wagon with a dream and a life saving’s of $3,000 in 1967. With a thirst for success and the goal of bringing World Class Customer Service to each client, a legacy was born.  Our mission is still the same today, to allow hard working families the ability to purchase brand heirloom quality furniture and general merchandise affordably.

Our humble beginnings would determine the future of this business and the definition of value. Today, LutherSales™ carries furniture, home goods, fashion items, and more. Over 50 years later, there is no limitation in sight to help provide the best service and brands to all our clients.

Our Value Proposition 

LutherSales™ makes luxury easy for everyone. We help people lead a better life by empowering them to get the things they need today, while building financial wellness to last a lifetime. Value is defined well beyond the pricing, and we understand that. From start to finish, we guarantee that you are treated with dedicated personal account managers who ensure your payments always make sense in relation to your income and other outstanding payment obligations. We even provide in house credit counselors, that work around the clock to assist and help you work through any financial challenges you may be experiencing. Financial wellness and credit restoration is a core part of our service to you, as we report all on time payments to the credit bureau.


Is LutherSales™ Right For Me??

We want our customers to know what we do and what we are about. LutherSales™is not a discount program, and our prices may be slightly higher than conventional retailers.  What we do is not only allows the customer to purchase the merchandise you need, affordably, we look out for your financial wellness and offer extended payment plans that allow your payments to be less and keep you in budget.  We also help repair your credit.  These are many features that other retailers don’t offer. Also, our payment plans have a defined finish line designed to provide comfort and confidence that your payments will not continue endlessly.

We also offer incentives to offset that pricing like  a generous interest free 25% early payment incentive on all purchases.  These early payment incentives offer up to 6-months from delivery on fine furniture, mattresses and 90-days on all other product categories.  Simply pay the balance within these time periods and your price will be adjusted and any interest will be credited.

We also include free delivery and set up on all fine furniture and our own free in home extended service plan for the life of the payment plan on all home furnishings.

Additionally, we report all payments to the credit bureau thus offering credit repair as a benefit to shopping with us for those committed to on-time payments.

While we aim to provide value and affordability, we recognize that value is defined differently among the many people we serve.