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Mother’s Day Ideas: Flowers with a Twist

 Sure, everyone picks up a nice bouquet of mom’s favorite flowers on Mother’s Day, but what if this year—instead of the same old, same old—you put a spin on a classic gift? Best of all, you’ll save a few bucks and create more memories. Why give mom a bouquet, when she could enjoy an entire garden!…

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Surprise Your Mom By Giving Gourmet Gifts

  There are various ways by which you can delight your mom and make her feel special. This year do something new and prepare a gourmet gift basket for her and put together all that she would like to receive. Making a gourmet gift basket is very easy. You just need to know the person…

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Scrapbooks Can Make Great Gifts For Mom

Scrapbooking can be really fun and if you are creative, you can make it one of the most cherished and valuable gifts to give to her. All you need to do is think and plan out the framework of the scrapbook before starting to work on it. A scrapbook that shows how much you appreciate…

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Senior Mom Mothers Day

What To Gift The Senior Moms?   Even if your mom is now a senior citizen, you don’t necessarily have to buy slippers and bathrobes for her. A person’s age is determined by how he/ she feels about themselves and not by years or looks. These days the seniors are getting out of the old…

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Are You Washing Your Dishes Correctly?

Washing the dishes may seem simple enough. Just load and go, right? Dishwashers are made to make our lives easier, but if you find you’re rewashing plates and utensils because they’re coming out spotty–you’re negating the whole easy factor. The problem: you may be loading your dishes all wrong. Follow these tips to keep your dishes…

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St Paddy Image

The Legend of St. Patrick: How St. Paddy’s Day Came To Be

Green bagels, beer, and everything in between—On March 17th, whether your 100% Irish or just Irish-at-heart, people all over the world celebrate the Patron Saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. As much as you’d like to believe St. Patrick’s Day is all about Shamrock Shakes and drunken debauchery ( I know, right?), there is actually a rich history…

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Tips for Taking Creative Vacation Photos

Ah, vacation. Get away from it all. Sleep in. Read magazines, visit new places… and within a day or two you’re ready for a challenge. For those of you who always want to accomplish something, even on vacation, here are some tips for creating the most creative vacation photos. First, consider what you can do…

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March Madness: The History Of A Basketball Phenomenon

Most of us are familiar with March Madness (and even those who aren’t still know enough to associate it with basketball and betting) but do you know how America’s favorite past time came to be? In 1908, the Illinois High School Association put together a boys’ high school basketball tournament. Kentucky high schools drew sold out crowds to IHSA championship…

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MHL100-Rose Gold Head

Introducing Michelle Watches

Introducing Michelle Watches, LutherSales latest buy now, pay later jewelry offering. The MICHELE story began as a gift from a father to his daughter.

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Who Needs Sleep?

Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep Millions of people all over the world are put on sleeping pills for their sleeping problems. Although medication can help for a period of time, most people quickly grow tired of the side effects that are associated with such medication. Fortunately, there are some non-pharmacological solutions that one can…

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