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[op_testimonial_slider style="4" animation_type="default" animation_loop="y" slideshow_autostart="y" animation_speed="700" slideshow_speed="7000" title="What Our Customers Have to Say" subtitle="" title_color="#32b5c9" background_color="#F2F9FF" columns="1"][op_testimonial_slide title="Tina P." company="" image="" button_color="#4881F5" button_text="Read story" href="" header_color="#00b7e2" background_color="" columns="1" ]"I took advantage of one of your vacation packages in August. My husband and I went to Daytona Beach for the week and we had an absolute ball. We stayed in the nicest hotel on the beach with a beach front room and it was wonderful. We went to Sea World and loved it. The Holiday Inn that we stayed in was one of the nicest that we have ever stayed in. The entire staff was wonderful the view was great I didn’t even have to actually go on down to the beach I could sit right out on my balcony and enjoy the view of the beach and the pool. I have recommended Luther Vacationwiser to several people, my family and quite a few of my co-workers. I would like to thank LutherSales for creating these packages it made it so easy to not have to worry about how I was going on a vacation this year. It was my husband’s birthday and he enjoyed his self so very much. I definitely intend on taking advantage of more of your vacation packages. Thank you all again for this wonderful trip."[/op_testimonial_slide][op_testimonial_slide title="W. Rumph" company="" image="" button_color="#4881F5" button_text="Read story" href="" header_color="#00b7e2" background_color="" columns="1" ]"Thanks to LutherSales Vacationwiser my husband and I were able to take an enjoyable vacation to Hilton Head Island for 5 days and 4 nights at the Hilton Omni Inn Suites, which was a lovely and enjoyable vacation for the both of us. Thanks to LutherSales Vacationwiser we were able to take a needed vacation before the package was paid off. Thank you very much LutherSales."[/op_testimonial_slide][/op_testimonial_slider]

Terms and Conditions

Prices, hotels and/or packages may be subject to change depending on booking dates and availability. Actual rates and availability for a specific date and destination may vary at any time, including prior to completing a booking. Please contact your travel coordinator for the most recent pricing. Payment plan amounts are subject to approval based on credit worthiness and the amount financed. Prices do not include local or state sales tax and may be subject to change. The terms of this agreement assumes that there are no additional borrowings or additional extensions of credit to the customer. Although every precaution is taken, variables in pricing and/or specs may occur.  We reserve the right to make any such corrections at the time of purchase. Prices cannot be guaranteed until tickets and or travel vouchers are booked and issued. Please note vacation packages change monthly.