The LutherSales Company Story

Hello, my name is Scott Glickstein, and I am the second generation here at LutherSales Furniture & Appliance.

My father started this business out of the rear of a station wagon with his life’s savings of $3,000.00 back in 1967. Coming from the streets of Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn raised by a single Mom, he entered the furniture business after proudly serving his country as a U.S. Marine during the Korean War.

Taking the Business Directly to the Customers

Not long after entering retail, he became impatient waiting for people to enter the store so he packed up his station wagon with photos and fabric swatches and took them to the customer’s where they worked, where they lived or where ever it was most convenient for them. Thus began the legacy of World Class Customer Service here at Luthersales. All deliveries were made personally by my Dad until 1992 in the back of that station wagon and he never left until everything was properly placed and the customer was perfectly thrilled with that purchase. I can almost still hear my Mom yelling at him for being late for dinner time and again after making a late delivery.

The "Employee Purchasing Program" is Born

Soon after he began scheduling appointments to meet people during lunch hour, break time or before or after hours at their jobs (mostly at hospitals and government buildings), he recognized the need to spread the cost out over time to make high quality name brand furniture more affordable for everyone. While most furniture retailers were busy locating the least expensive sources of “Ready to assemble” furniture constructed mostly of pressed cardboard in order to feature cheap cash and carry prices, Dad insisted on access to name brand heirloom quality furniture for anyone that wanted it.

After all, he was personally making the deliveries and considered it awkward and embarrassing to disappoint a customer. It had to look better in person than in the photo! After every purchase, he would return on payday to cash the customer’s paycheck free of charge while backing out only the monthly payment agreed to for the merchandise. He provided a maximum of three (3) years to pay and though he never realized it; an Employee Purchasing Program was born.

Second Generation Enters Business

My own entry into the business began as a child when nothing was more thrilling than a day at work with Dad travelling in that old station wagon from customer to customer. This was much more like a field trip visiting family since he rarely lost a client and they all spoiled me rotten whenever I came around. I still remember the wonderful food service staff at Westchester County Medical Center filling me full of ice cream while Dad took care of his business (and wasn’t looking). Nor can I ever forget the folks working at all the VA Hospitals we visited and their stories of valor and bravery so modestly presented to me as a child’s fairytale that they left me proud to be American.

Trips to customer’s homes were a double treat since we were often greeted with cookies or cake for me and coffee for Dad. But the thing I remember most was how important my Father’s personal service and payment plan seemed to be to each and every customer. To me, he was treated more like a rock star than a furniture salesman. Just a ride down a customer’s block or pulling into a government building parking lot often elicited loud greetings of welcome to a trusted old friend. Only after the hugs and back slapping were complete (and perhaps an old joke) did business ever commence.

A Thirty-Year Diversion into the Textile Business

After my own graduation from Arizona State University with a B.A. in Business, I entered the institutional textile business selling career apparel and textile products to hospitals, hotels and commercial laundries. I remained with that company for almost 30 years thus building my rapport with the kind of folks I grew up with. Just like when I was a boy, they all worked long, hard hours keeping people safe, in a clean environment, making sure they were properly fed and that all systems and processes within whatever facility they worked always performed as intended. I think we all tend to take people like this for granted but try performing surgery or running a hospital, hotel, government agency or a charity without them.

Taking LutherSales Business to the Next Level

So in 1992, while still working as a straight commission textile sales rep, I purchased the company from my Father (and the remaining 200 customer’s or so) and asked my brother Eric to leave his career as a charity fundraising executive to help me run the business. Personal visits to customers by Dad were replaced with a professionally trained sales staff at Worksite Fundraising Events, assigned inside personal shoppers for every customer, a 128 page catalog, a website that can be accessed 24/7 and automated payroll deduction. Name brand Furniture still includes In-Home Delivery and white glove set-up although we now have a national network of trained professionals that handle it. All other products also include FREE DELIVERY via convenient front door service like any UPS or FEDEX type delivery.

Company Focuses on Customers and Our Community

Thanks to our loyal customers that now number in the many thousands, we have been privileged to become more involved with the NY Chapter of the USO, Operation Home Front, The Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Foundation, The Susan G. Komen Foundation and many other local charity organizations. Whether sending iPods, iTunes Cards or phone cards to the brave troops in Iraq and Afghanistan or donating furniture to help military families; all of us here at are acutely aware that it is you, our loyal customers, that make it all possible.

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