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Government Employees Purchase Programs:
Federal, State, Municipal, and Local Civil Service Employees

We encourage Government Employees to review our broad range of Brand Name Products including: Furniture, TVs,
Computers, Jewelry, Electronics, Appliances, Handbags, and more. Our Government Employee Purchase Programs also include
Flexible Credit Options - Buy Now Pay Later Plans - all tailored to individual budgets to meet, and exceed your expectations.
That is why we have been in business since 1967. All you have to do is Submit an Application, to see if you qualify.

Note: we also consider people who have had "credit challenges" in the past. We can often say "Yes" when others say No!

What Makes LutherSales' Government Employee Purchase Programs Different?

We carry Name Brand products like the ones shown below; however, we know that we cannot list them all. So, we
provide our "Personal Shopper Service" for each of our customers. That means IF you don't find what you are looking
for on our website, or in our catalog, we will help you shop and find the products you want - will buy it direct for you -
and provide a custom Government Employee Purchase Program that fits your budget Our Service Level is Different...

How it Works

How it Works

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