The White Sale Origins

Yearly, we are bombarded with new sale events that encourage us to buy when prices are low. From the reputed Black Friday and Cyber Monday to Labor Day Sales, we are constantly looking for the next great deal.

But what about The White Sale? Because we participate in this promotion, we thought it might be a good idea to understand the history and importance behind it. By understanding the origins, perhaps we can understand how to provide you with the best savings.

The Winter White Sale began as an annual sale that took place in January to promote bed linens. But where did it even come from?

The White Sale was created in 1878 by John Wanamaker who at the time, owned a department store in Philadelphia. He was extremely innovative in creating efficacy for all of his clients, in particular by inventing the price tag and a guarantee system for his merchandise. He revolutionized retail shopping by understanding the needs and wants of his clients. Over the years, Mr. Wanamaker noticed that his sales would, logically,  decrease right after the holiday season. In order to encourage customers to continue shopping in January, he created The White Sale. While thinking creatively to find a solution, he felt that his clients needed a “fresh start” to the New Year, and therefore discounted most linen items. Believe it or not, this sale got it’s name because linen and towels at the time were only available in white.  It wasn’t until the 1950s that print was introduced to linens, however, the name remained unchanged.

Fast forward to 2018, and the world is now filled with savvy shoppers that mark their calendars for the next big savings event. To continue to the tradition and in honor of Mr. Wanamaker, LutherSales is bringing you some of the best offers for this White Sale Event. To celebrate the start of a New Year and a fresh start we are offering, “The More You Spend; The More You Get” sales event!

Look below to see our various offers and take advantage of the White Sale!


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