Taking Vacations On Credit

Taking vacations on credit is something that people have been doing in one form or another for years. While the most common option is to use credit cards to take vacations on credit, many others have found that loans or vacation credit companies offer a better choice for them. Vacationwiser if one of those companies.  We not only search for the “best deal”, but also provide monthly payment financing.  No matter what choice of vacation you choose, there’s no doubt that taking vacations on credit offers a lot to love.

Simplifying Your Trip

Taking vacations on credit makes the planning stage a lot easier for everyone. There’s no need to spend months or years saving up cash and hoping that you have enough tucked away to really enjoy the trip. And with the potential cost of vacations rising, there’s a chance that your vacation will always stay a few steps out of reach. But when you plan vacations on credit using Vacationwiser.com, you get the money you need, pay for the trip, and enjoy yourself. Our buy now – enjoy now – pay later plans are great for those who like to pay a simple monthly amount over time.

You don’t have to worry about micro budgeting every aspect of the trip, either. Taking vacations on credit lets you use the money you’ve saved up for having fun while the major expenses are covered by the credit being offered. We help ensure that you actually enjoy your trip instead of stressing over every dollar you spend while you’re on your getaway.

Plenty Of Options

There are so many choices when it comes to taking vacations on credit that you may be overwhelmed, particularly when deciding where to go. You can use credit to take vacations almost anywhere including:

  • Resorts
  • Cruises
  • Ski Trips
  • Theme Parks
  • Beaches
  • Cities
  • And More

In other words, no matter where you want to go, Vacationwiser.com can help you plan your trip without worrying about coming up with the money. People take vacations on credit every day to almost anywhere imaginable.  We offer thousands of destination vacations…

There are several options available for financing your vacation. Credit cards aren’t always the best option since some people may not have the credit limit or acceptable interest rates.  Vacationwiser is unique when it comes to helping plan vacations on credit.  Our purchase programs are straightforward to find one that can offer you the kind of service you need. We even help you plan out your vacation to ensure you get the most from the trip.

Affording a great vacation isn’t as difficult as you might think. Vacationwiser.com helps you take vacations on credit and as such, has become one of the most popular ways to get away for a few days – with good reason.

Even With Bad Credit… Furniture Financing Is Easy

The couch has a permanent indent that matches the contours of your body, but with your bad credit, furniture financing seems like an impossibility.  LutherSales has made it their “business” to provide other options that can bypass your poor credit rating and allow you to relax in peace and comfort again.

We use monthly allotment and payroll deduction programs to help customers make larger purchases, and pay for the items over time.  For people with bad credit, furniture financing through an LutherSales can also remove the stress of having a history check, which can also adversely affect an already shaky score.

No Stumbling Blocks

Many of us know that furniture financing when bad credit is an issue, the seller is essentially a “stumbling block” to making a purchase for a family’s needs.  The idea is that you work out a personal installment payment plan with the LutherSales overcomes the bad credit that impedes financing your furniture in the past.  What is innovative about our approach is the fact that a familiarity between the customer and their employment history can become the basis for furniture financing, and bad credit is no longer an issue.

Try Our Unique Approach

Our sales and financing approach on a socio-economic level, it is also a way to rekindle community business mentality, which builds a greater trust in consumers, and can inspire purchases that may otherwise be put off.  Many big business approaches that are based upon past lending histories preclude individuals from making a current purchase creates an economic decline.  When bad credit impedes furniture financing, then no further money is going into the market.  We have found the idea of store based furniture financing for bad credit purchasers is a service offered by few.


LutherSales adopted this business model as a way of helping people with bad credit finance furniture and as such, we have found that not only have our sales increased, but we have also evoked long-term loyalty with customers.  The trust that happens between us and our customers has made for a strong company.  Our return customers know that they will be treated fairly and responsibly, and this leads to long-term relationships.  The new sofa becomes an appreciated realty since even with bad credit, furniture financing is now possible.

Some New Homeowners Face Financing Furniture with Bad Credit

Buying a home is an exciting experience, but it also creates a responsibility base that is made more difficult after going through a bank loan process.  So when it comes time to furnish the new house, some owners are hit with financing furniture with bad credit.  The act of getting a mortgage will help to raise scores over time, so long as there are no delinquencies on monthly payments.  But directly after getting approved, the borrower often discovers that they need financial help other than using a credit card to assist them in financing furniture with bad credit.

Moving to Your New Home Brings Challenges

For those moving into a newer, and larger, space, filling the rooms is not just an aesthetic choice but a needs-based decision as well.  Upgrading from a rental apartment can mean that the furnishings have not transferred with you, since they were a part of the former domicile.  Combine this with the fact that many Americans have been negatively impacted by the U.S. economy during the past few years, finding themselves in financial constraints.  Thus, financing furniture on bad credit becomes a necessity and not just a decision to redecorate.  LutherSales offers purchase programs tailored to this segment of the market.  Therefore, this can open up a renewed excitement that would otherwise have been staunched by trying to finance furniture with bad credit.

Contracts that Fit Your Financial Situation

Retailer payment plans that are not based on national banking loan rates offer flexibility and a wider scope of budgeting.  This can turn financing furniture with bad credit into simply getting the items you need without worry.  Our Personal Shoppers help customers choose exactly the payment terms that fit into their monthly financial schedule.  This creates a freedom for financing furniture on bad credit, rather than a fear.  LutherSales’ plans will vary according to what can be afforded on a long-term basis, rather than what can be paid for on the spot.  There are also options to update these contracts over time, so that if employment or financial status changes, adjustments may be made.  Overall, this type of agreement will actually help credit score rating, so that financing furniture with bad credit can become and investment in future buying power.


Use Our Buy Now Pay Later Tablets Purchasing Program

Mobile devices are wonderful tools.  Buying a computer tablet using our buy now pay later tablets program can put limitless productivity and amusement in the palm of your hand in almost an instant.  This technology not only takes the idea of portability to new heights, but also increases social connections and digital capacity.  In general, the ability to simply download entertainment and services makes the product a self contained system.  LutherSales’ buy now pay later tablets contribute to this idea of immediate connection by making the merchandise ready to own when you want it.

We offer special purchasing programs that help those individuals who cannot pay with a credit card or cash.  Our buy now pay later tablet plans give you the chance to buy responsibly and financially manage everything that will give you the most from your new purchase.

Bundle Power Using Buy Now Pay Later Tablet Purchases

For anyone who has experience with innovations in technology, you have probably found that it is not always as simple as buying one item to facilitate usage. There may be a number of computer related pieces that become a necessity, depending upon how and where you use your buy now pay later tablet.  Some of the most common pieces that are purchased over time are chargers, memory cards, and cases.  These can add up, and make acquiring a mobile device cost far more than the original list price.  Our product merchandisers put together bundles so our buy now pay later tablets can offer you options that include everything needed in the same transaction.  The full amount you will be spending is evenly broken up over a period of time.  Bundling your buy now pay later tablet also gives you the ability to discover in advance what other accessories might be essential for optimal use.

Something New Every Day

Handheld computers are making advances all the time.  LutherSales buy now pay later tablets offer the most recent models in a fashion that you can afford.  Instead of waiting for a version to go on sale, and possibly already be obsolete, you can purchase our latest model buy now pay later tablets now.   This includes releases from different manufactures and the most recent operating systems or processors.  Even on the day it launches, a new device could be in your possession right away.  You will not need to wait for the product you want, since payment plans make buy now pay later tablets affordable immediately.

State Government Employee Discounts – A Responsible Way to Purchase

Like many Americans, state government employees have been having a very difficult time as of late, so state employee discounts and responsible purchasing programs are more relevant than ever. Many states human resources departments are looking to the private sector to assist their employees in making purchases of furniture, computers, TVs, etc.  With the economy is experiencing a lot of turmoil, state government employees can no longer be as sure as they once were of a paycheck, and they are looking for ways to make purchases using other than credit cards and cash.   LutherSales provides a program that has been tailored to the needs of state government employee discounts and buying programs.

Use Our State Employee Purchase Program

Although the size of local governments differs widely, all states have employees in every role that is found in the private sector. States continue to provide many important opportunities to their employees; however, when it comes to providing financial programs like LutherSales’ State Employee Purchase Program, they do not have the charter to do so.  We believe our responsible purchasing programs provide a unique way for many in state government to purchase household furniture, computers, TVs, etc.

State Employee Furniture Purchases with Special Buying Plans

Many states work with retail furniture companies who offer special purchase programs for state employees.  Many times the state government employee is not looking for the lowest discount, rather, he or she is searching for an organization that can finance their purchase without taking into consideration the employee’s past poor credit situation.  It is important that these state employees have the opportunity to make responsible purchases and use their state allotment program for payment.  LutherSales provides specific purchase programs to meet the needs of state employees.

It’s Important to Us to Provide State Government Employee Discounts

In today’s difficult economic and political climate, LutherSales stands out among its peers in providing one of the most flexible purchase programs for state government employees.  Over time, we have built a solid reputation for providing financing options to state government employees needing personal purchasing options.  We have been offering purchasing programs to the military, unions, and state government employees for many years.  It is an integral part of our business model.

Looking for a Good Employee Purchase Program

Everyone wants to maximize their purchasing power by reducing the amount of money they spend on various different kinds of purchases, and participating in an employee purchase program can help. There is nothing wrong with being financially “strapped for cash”. As a matter of fact, many people nowadays need alternative methods to purchase items for family and household.  That being the case, LutherSales offers employee purchase programs that will help you make the purchases you need and want.

Employee Purchase Program Considerations

If you are near the beginning of your career, you will probably find that there are many different employee purchase programs from which you might benefit. A very wide variety of different organizations make such basic buying programs available in order to attract the most effective young professionals possible. However, this is not the sole provenance of such people or such organizations. LutherSales was founded on providing employee purchase programs as an alternative to those people who have cash flow challenges and need an extended payment plan to purchase certain products.

Finding Appropriate Purchase Programs for Employees

Naturally, you might not want to change employment if you are fairly pleased with your current company or organization. However, there might be certain special circumstances that will drive you to consider such a change. For example, if an employee purchase program might allow you to own products for your family, you may look at that program as an additional benefit on top of your existing compensation.

You do not have to pay in order to participate in LutherSales’ employee purchase programs.  Your company arranges for us to provide you with the information and you have the full individual choice of whether or not you want to take advantage of the program.

You Can Truly Make Things Better with the Right Purchase Program for Employees

Generally speaking, there is no requirement that you report purchases under an employee purchase program to any external body or person. There may be certain situations in which an employee purchase program can, for example, provide you with exactly the solution you need to be able to purchase products for your family.

Some of LutherSales customers have been purchasing from us for over 10 years.  This is due to the convenience of our payroll deduction plans and the quality of products we offer. Many families are especially well positioned for using employee purchase programs to make a big difference with their monthly financial needs.

A Closer Look at Taking a Ski Trip on Credit

It surprises many people to learn that taking a ski trip on credit has become one of the most popular get away options out there today. However, with skiing more popular than ever and credit not always easy to secure, Vacationwiser financing programs make more sense than you might think. If you’re considering a quick vacation, taking a ski trip on credit could be perfect for you.

Benefits Worth Remembering

Taking a ski trip on credit has plenty to love, and it’s not hard to understand why it’s quickly becoming one of the leading trips that are planned today. Here are some of the advantages taking a ski trip on credit can offer:

  • It’s Fast – You don’t have to be gone for a week to take a ski trip on credit. Often you just need a few days to have fun, recharge, and enjoy yourself. Because of that, it’s easy to fit into your schedule.
  • It’s Affordable – Obviously, there are some luxury ski trips that can cost a tremendous amount of money. But there are even more options that are more affordable, and it’s possible to take a ski trip on credit for much less than many other types of vacations.
  • It’s Fun – Skiing is a lot of fun, and has remained one of the most popular activities in the country for years. Taking a ski trip on credit lets you get away and enjoy yourself – by yourself, with friends, or with family members.
  • Credit Helps – And of course, planning out a ski trip on credit helps make it easy to pay for the trip and enjoy your time skiing without stressing about money.

A Ski Trip on Credit is Easier Than You Think

One thing that holds many people back from taking a ski trip on credit is that they assume it will cost too much and be too difficult to do. The truth is that planning a ski trip is actually easier when you do it on credit since you don’t’ have to micro budget all of your money down to the dollar. Major expenses are covered with your credit and you’ll have more pocket money for spending while you’re at the ski lodge.

With Vacationwiser, it’s also easier than ever to qualify for the credit you need to take your vacation, and terms are better than they have been in years. In other words, taking a ski trip on credit is something that may deserve a closer look.

Exploring a World of Products with Buy Now Pay Later Catalogs

People often have the misconception that they are limited by the purchases they can make from a buy now pay later catalog. In reality, a comprehensive list of items and a detailed range of payment schedule options can afford a range of choices for any household and business need.  With us, buy now pay later catalogs are also not limited to just the LutherSales store brands, but we often obtain items from other major manufacturers.  This expands the scope of products and the buying power that is available to the consumer, ensuring customer satisfaction.  You don’t “have to settle” with LutherSales.  We will assist you with shopping and then create a buy now pay later plan.

Home Wares Everywhere

Basic needs are always one of the focuses for a buy now pay later catalog, since buyers will focus more strongly on necessities for everyday living.  Along with furniture, room sets, and outdoor gear, buy now pay later catalogs can also include décor objects.  Accent lamps, area rugs, and throw pillows are included with the necessities for furnishing a room.  This allows the customer to consider functionality along with aesthetics.  A LutherSales, our buy now pay later catalogs are not limited to utilitarian knock-offs, but offer name brand and designer merchandise.

Quality and Performance a Must

Another category that can fit into both essential and luxury equipment is appliances.  In order for a home to function efficiently, washer and dryers, refrigerators, and stoves are all indispensable.  LutherSales buy now pay later catalogs offer basic model; however, we also provide the newest innovations for ease of living and effortless performance.  Respected and well known manufacturers are represented within our product list. In this way, LutherSales buy now pay later catalogs let the consumer purchase familiar quality and performance items that will fulfill their desires and needs.

The Run Down

Along with merchandise overviews, our buy now pay later catalogs also give the shopper an exact listing of payment agreements.  This breakdown is included for all the items within the buy now pay later catalog. An individual will immediately know their options for length of payment schedule and amount of monthly obligation.  This can facilitate the purchasing process, as it affords a quick comparison of item features and associated payments for any given product.  It also allows a potential customer to make wiser decisions to plan ahead on financial matters.  LutherSales’ ability to research the attributes of the manufactured goods and the exact budgeting options leads to a confident purchase.   We believe the Luther buy now pay later catalog is really an indispensable reference.

How to Buy a Computer with Bad Credit

Parents of students face some very particular challenges in continuing and affording education, and with mounting loans and limited resources, buying a computer with bad credit can feel like an obstacle to higher learning.  LutherSales has a solution for people who are experiencing the need to buy a computer with bad credit.  Many colleges require students have their own personal computer.  We provide purchase programs that help individuals with good employment history the option to buy a computer on bad credit.

Don’t Pay High Credit Card Rates

It is true that some banks do offer credit cards for individuals who have a poor credit rating due to outstanding payment history.  Often an annual fee, high rates, and variable or compound interest is added to purchases made with these cards… LutherSales offers simple straight-line interest. This means that you know your payment amount and it never changes.  Don’t let the daunting task of meeting needs for your family’s education and personal credit restraints become overwhelming.  We provide purchasing options that allow you to buy a computer with bad credit.

Payment Plans That Understand

Retailer based loans can vary for people trying to buy a computer with bad credit, since some places rely on an outside backer, which is essentially the same process as applying for an expensive high-interest credit card.  LutherSales offers financing plans that fit within the customer’s work history, budget level while providing sensitivity to financial constraints.  We offer different computer packages that are tailored specifically for educational needs.  Now, school requirements can be met without unnecessary concerns over money.

Long-term And Short Term

Our payment plans provide options to increase the amount being financed during the initial payment period.  Should our customer need to purchase another computer or other items, we can revise the amount of monthly payment or extend the term of payment based upon history of meeting your financial obligations.  If buying a computer with bad credit means that it will take you time to pay off the obligation, so be it.  The goal is to make the purchase from a firm that provides the products you need with payment plans that offer reasonable financing terms.  Buying a computer with bad credit does not need to be an impossibility, but can actually turn a challenge into providence.

Finding and Building Government Employee Discounts

Thinking about government employee discounts? If you are in a community with a large segment of government workers, then there is no reason why you should not take the time to look for an effective discount program that will meet your needs.  LutherSales offers its programs throughout the United States. After all, the federal government is everywhere, not just in iconic locations like the nation’s capital.

Government Employee Discounts are A Major Draw for Purchasing

If you are part of the federal government, you are already well aware that purchases helping you in your official duties are usually tax exempt. However, there are businesses, like LutherSales out there that will make buying even easier for you by providing you with specialized government employee discounts. If you are a human resources or benefits administrator, you know the value of government employee discounts for encouraging happy employees. You should never hold back from the opportunity to use such a program if it applies to you.  After all, it helps to honor your service to the United States as a whole.

Government Employee Discounts Can Make A True Bottom Line Difference

If you are a government employee and you are considering whether a government employee discount plan like LutherSales is worthwhile, it may benefit you to think deeply on it. Most potential buyers will probably not even contemplate whether or not they can benefit from such a program. On the other hand, a purchasing program like this can make a great difference in helping you obtain the products you are seeking.  Our programs truly speak to federal employees, and we strive to become at your “top of mind” when you need to make a purchase. Why not? After all, such a buying program is earned just by your being a person who works for the U.S. Government.

It’s a Good Idea to Focus on Buying Programs for Government Employees

Many of our customers have viewed other discount buying programs for government employees.  LutherSales take pride in being recognized as one of the best providers of financing programs for government employees.  We offer between 6-month and three year purchase plans that are tailored to each individual’s needs.  We simply provide potential customers with more, and different options to finance the products they want to purchase. The reason is simple: Federal employees are usually considered a good credit risk compared to their colleagues in the private sector, which is why LutherSales offers a range of government employee discounts.