3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Municipal Employee Purchase Program

Bad Credit Furniture Financing Is Possible

Bad credit furniture financing can be a headache, and this is something that anyone with bad credit can attest to. Furniture is something that every family needs in their home, for both the look and function of the space, and this means that even those with poor credit will need to find a way to get their furniture as well. At Luther Sales, we want to help those with bad credit to get the furniture they need, via our Municipal Employee Purchase Program that is designed specifically toward municipal government employees.

Financing Furniture Easy With MEPP

There is no such thing as a minimum credit qualifications for our buy now pay later Municipal Employee Purchase Program, instead we look at your most current work status to determine the credit limit that fits comfortably into your budget level. We use various methods to ensure we can provide furniture to as many customers as possible, and one of these may be a great fit for you and your furniture need.

So even if you do have bad credit, our furniture financing is available to you in the form of either payroll deduction, or allotment. These plans are different from our usual financing plans as they’re made for those with poor credit or no credit at all, and they can still allow you to take home your furniture today while making payments over a length of time.

If we can’t obtain a desirable credit furniture financing limit for you, then you may still be able to get the financing you need but with a down payment. The down payment for your furniture may have a minimum percentage, but your down payment may be the ticket to taking home the furniture you want with the financing you require.

MEPP To Help Build Your Credit

Our Municipal Employee Purchase Program for those with bad credit can help you to improve your credit in the future. If you’re in the process of rebuilding your credit after a credit issue, opting for a furniture financing plan crafted for bad credit can be of some service. Building credit is a strenuous and long process, and each step makes an impact in the overall goal of finally having decent credit once again, so furniture financing to improve your bad credit may be a worthwhile option for you.

At Luther Sales, our finance program gear toward municipal employee is in place to help us to say yes to more customers, getting them the furniture they need just when they need it.

State Employee Purchase Program at LutherSales – Luxury Made Easy

Written by: Luther Team

Everyone wants to maximize their purchasing power by reducing the amount of money they spend on various different kinds of purchases, and participating in LutherSales’ State Employee Purchase Program can help. There is nothing wrong with being financially “strapped for cash”. As a matter of fact, many people nowadays need alternative methods to purchase items for family and household.  That being the case, LutherSales offers  State Employee Purchase Programs that is designed to specifically help state level government employee make the purchases you need and want.

State Employee Purchase Program Considerations

If you are near the beginning of your career, you will probably find that there are many different employee purchase programs from which you might benefit. A very wide variety of different organizations make such basic buying programs available in order to attract the most effective young professionals possible. However, this is not the sole provenance of such people or such organizations. LutherSales was founded on providing State Employee Purchase Programs as an alternative to those people who have cash flow challenges and need an extended payment plan to purchase certain products.

Finding Appropriate State Employee Purchase Programs for Employees

Naturally, you might not want to change employment if you are fairly pleased with your current company or organization. However, there might be certain special circumstances that will drive you to consider such a change. For example, if an employee purchase program might allow you to own products for your family, you may look at that program as an additional benefit on top of your existing compensation.

You do not have to pay in order to participate in LutherSales’ State Employee Purchase Programs.  Your state agency/department arranges for us to provide you with the information and you have the full individual choice of whether or not you want to take advantage of the program.

You Can Truly Make Things Better with the Right Purchase Program for Employees

Generally speaking, there is no requirement that you report purchases under an employee purchase program to any external body or person. There may be certain situations in which an employee purchase program can, for example, provide you with exactly the solution you need to be able to purchase products for your family.

Some of LutherSales customers who happens to be state or federal employees have been purchasing from us for over 10 years.  This is due to the convenience of our payroll deduction plans and the quality of products we offer. Many families are especially well positioned for using our State Employee Purchase Programs to make a big difference with their monthly financial needs.



Upgrade your system via Federal Employee Purchase Program

Written by: Luther Team

Why To Buy A Computer With Bad Credit

If you are a federal employee looking to finance a computer with bad credit, and you’ve found nothing but bad luck, the Federal Employee Purchase Program here at LutherSales could be all you need. Nowadays the internet, and computer associates with it, has risen to the level of necessity next to electricity and water. People begin to realize they are spending more time in front of a screen than ever. An outdated, slow, or bug-ridden computer would add significant level of misery to a significant portion of your day. Financial difficulty should not be an obstacle for you to obtain optimized online experience.  Those with bad credit shouldn’t be left unable to connect with these opportunities themselves.  With our Federal Employee Purchase Program computer financing, you can start surfing on the computer you really need, while you can pay using a convenient financing plan.

Federal Employee Purchase Program at LutherSales gives bad credit more options

If you find an attractive choice among our large selection of desktops, laptops and tablets, the first thing you’ll have to do is fill out our 3 Minute Application. We keep our application process short and fast, and this allows you to focus on the important things rather than filling out copious amounts of paperwork. While we can cater a Federal Employee Purchase Program plans to most of those with bad credit looking to buy a computer, some consumer with more unique situations may call for other options.

Our Federal Employee Purchase Program are customized and done in a way to reach as many customers as possible, but for those who may not qualify, there is another option in making a down payment.If you choose to make a down payment to qualify for bad credit computer financing, the percentage of your payment will depend on the cost of the computer, but we will try to work with you to find a financing option that works!

Bad Credit financing made easy


buy now pay later, bad credit, computer

Upgrading your internet presence? Why not do it all at once.


To fill out our 3 minute application, our only requirement is that you do have a job, and this makes just about any time the right time to go through the steps to buy a computer with bad credit under our Federal Employee Purchase Program. The last step toward your final approval is to submit a pay-stub from your current employment to the LutherSales approval department. It is that simple!

At Luther Sales, we focus on user experience over product experience. We are well aware that in the integrated multi-media environment we are in now, stellar user experience comes from collaboration of multiple media devices. Our electronic/entertainment bundles crafted by industry expert offer unparalleled seamless new media experience and saves a lot of time for frustrating research and ease away financial limitation.  Our Federal Employee Purchase Program financing package to those who want to buy a computer with bad credit is an optimal option, and a way to pay that is always easy!


Windows 10- Microsoft Strikes Back

Written by: Brian Zeng

WIndows 10 

Since its release on Jul 29, 2015, Windows 10 has already been installed on over 20million devices.

As we speak, most of Windows 10’s review has been overwhelmingly positive. It is perceived as a strict upgrade from the popular Windows 7, while integrated most tablet friendly features of Windows 8. Windows 10 bought many new enhancements in navigation, operation, and entertainment functions. And for the first year after its release, upgrade to Windows 10 from 8, 8.1, and 7 will be free.

Free =)

Well then, if Windows 10 is just a fix to what was done wrong in Windows 8 and a reversal back to Windows 7, then users have nothing to be hyped about. Luckily that is far from reality. Without further ado, Let’s take a look at the old tricks and new perks Windows 10 possesses to match for all the hypes!



1. Start Menu

Start menu was one of the most used utility for windows user, its removal in Windows 8 as Microsoft’s strategic move into touch-screen device caused great grievance. The touch-screen oriented interface is just clumsy and foreign in a keyboard-mouse setting.

Windows 10 gives your start menu back! A traditional-style interface appears alongside with tablet friendly large buttons, the WIN10 start button summons a hybrid start menu. The interface will no longer occupy the whole screen like the apps in Windows 8 like to do.

Windows 10, Start Menu

                                    Traditional+Touch-friendly, the best of two worlds? Click here to find the perfect device for best user experience.



2. Cortana

Users of Windows Phone know her. Cortana is the virtual assistant program for Windows smartphone that resemble Microsoft’s Siri. Here is a Youtube comparison of the two:


Cortana is featured in all Windows 10 PC. What is that Macbook? Can’t hear you over the voice of Cortana~

Cortana, Windows 10,

Cortana first appeared in Microsoft’s Halo4, as a virtual assistant.




Internet Explorer is one of the most made-fun-of software of all time. Ever since the rise of Google Chrome, IE has been use as an indicator of “a user who is not very tech savvy”. Edge is set to change that view.

In its early form, Edge already demonstrated key qualities over Chrome, such as faster speed, light memory demands, and the ability to draw, write, annotate and screenshot on a webpage. However as for now Edge is barely out of its beta stage, it still lacks important feature such as installing add-ons and plug-ins, the right click does not offer a “save as” option, and so on. It shows good potential as a Chrome alternative but it’s just not there yet.

It’s nothing new, but a really good concept on a web browser!



4. Xbox App

Microsoft is really pushing the idea of “Full integration of all devices as coherent, cross-platform user experience”. With the addition of Xbox App, players can now play many Xbox games on their WIN10 PC with a game controller. The app also makes Xbox-PC cross-platform multiplayer possible. Meaning that you sit in front of your computer and use your Desert Eagle to shoot down that fighter jet your friend pilots on his Xbox. Now that’s what I’d consider cool!

Play your favorite console games on pc! (can we mod them?) 



Overview of Windows 10, Pros and Cons

Besides from the return of Start Menu, introduction of Virtual Voice Assistant on PC, improved default internet browser, cross-platform gaming enabler, Windows 10 also features many user experience enhancements that you care or might not care about:

  • Task control interface that resemble the one from Macbook.
  • Most apps no longer run full screen, make them easier to drag around and resize.
  • Many utilities such as calendar, calculator, planner, and weather are grouped into a Universal Apps Bundle for easier access.
  • Compare to Win7, 10 is more stable, runs faster, and has the benefit of more frequent updates since it’s the new kid on the block.
  • Gamers will be glad to meet DX12 on WIN10.
  • Windows 10 will be able to support the first virtual reality/ augmented reality computer that is looming near the horizon.
Virtual Reality, Hologen, Augemented Reality

Play Age of Empire 2 on VR ranks pretty high on my bucket list.


Windows 10 most certainly will grow into a well-loved OS that lift millions out of the misery of Windows 8, but as we speak, it is still a newborn with much to learn. Problems such as Mail app crashing, video player error, and many glitches associate with early version software are not uncommon. For users who are considering the upgrade, it is recommended that one should finish or transfer any large ongoing project at hand, and always back-up your files before the installation!



Where to get your Windows 10

For Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 user, you can find the upgrade notification on the bottom right of your toolbar. As long as you have internet connection, you can run the download and upgrade from your original OS into Windows 10.You can also acquire the installation package on a flash drive, at  local Microsoft service store.

Step by step video instruction on Windows 10 installation:


Step by step text instruction:



Best Machine for Windows 10?

PC or tablet with touch-screen can take full advantage of the powerful integration Windows 10 brings to the table. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 (tablet), and HP’s Envy series comes to mind. Come and experience the supreme accessibility and fluency of touch-based control on your personal computer. With LutherSales’ 3 Minute Application and individually tailored Buy Now Pay Later payment plans, there is no better time to upgrade your computer than now.

HP Envy 14 Spectre TouchSmart Laptop.

Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3, “The tablet that can replace your laptop”


Your Favorite Netflix Show On Your UHD TV, Step by Step

Miss those old days when family actually sit around the living room to watch TV together instead of curled up in their own room and stream Netflix on a overheated smartphone/tablet? Netflix is here to stay, but family TV time should not be jeopardized either.

netflix, netflix on hdtv,house of card,4k HDTV

That’s right, this is Netflix’s original House of Cards on 4k resolutions Ultra HD TV. Try hide that under the blanket. At the moment only the Samsung UHD TV series are able to support Netflix in a 4k setting. The level of detail on this powerhouse is insane. You may want to ask, why in the world would I want to see pimple on Kevin Spacey’s nose? There is a difference between can’t and don’t.

4k Lifestyle Made Easy

If you are a HDTV enthusiast like me and is seriously thinking about getting one of these top-notch screens, Buy Now Pay Later Financing could be one of the most viable options out there. Buy learning how to finance a TV, you can save yourself a lot of trouble with saving now and waiting months or years, as you start binge watching Netflix on your 4k HDTV today and pay it off over a length of time. For those who are looking to finance a TV, we at LutherSales keep our financing process fast, simple, and easy, with a simple 3 minute application online that leads to a same day approval that lets you know if you can finance a TV right now, or if you may have to wait. With TV financing, we have many different financing plans to suit different budgets and TV prices, so your options are kept vast and your choice important.

step by step, netflix on tv.

Looking to connect your HDTV with Netflix? Here are 3 ways to make that happen, step by step.


The First Steps To Finance A TV

The very first step in financing a TV is finding the TV you want, and our selection has a vast array of different TVs to allow you to take your pick of what will suit your needs best. Next, you’ll want to look into the financing process, and the first step in this process is having a job! With our TV financing plans, you only need to have a job to have a financing plan, and applying is a simple single step process.

By filling out our 3 minutes application form, you’ll be well on your way to a HDTV finance you can be happy with. Once approved, all we need is a recent paystub mailed or faxed as a proof of your financing need.

Financing for Bad Credit

Not only do we keep the TV finance application process easy, but we keep the process of paying easy as well. At LutherSales, We like to promote responsible buying with salary allotment and payroll deduction, so you won’t have to worry about forgetting to mail in that check every month. We know that juggling various bills and payments can be tough on your memory, and we want to give you an easy financing plan with one less thing to remember!

If you have bad credit, it is still very possible for you to finance a TV. We craft individual financing plans that suit different credit levels, and those with a more unique situation may be able to qualify for plan personally customized. Should those with bad credit not be able to qualify, a percentage of a down payment may be able to make their payment plan work, and we make sure to work with you to see what may be possible.

If you’re looking to finance a TV, financial plans customized to you and made easy is the way to go, and this is why we strive to bring just that to you at LutherSales.

netflix on tv, top50 on netflix

A little flushed out by the hyper-choice situation at Netflix selection menu? Here is a Top50 on Netflix to help you binge responsibly. (Recently updated for July 2015!)



5Ws of Acquiring An iPad You Might Not Know

Why does Apple iPad get so much love?

To put it in perspective..

IPad dominated tablet market since its early days (2011)


There are many reasons iPad across all models consistently acing the reviews in the tablet section of Amazon, Newegg, and Bestbuy. It is light, powerful, sleek, easy to use, and iOS products are known to be more secure than Windows PC or Android tablet. Apple iPad is extremely compatible with all your other Apple products, it is gaining synchronicity with android products as well. The only setback: iPads are often more expensive than android tablet of similar builds, making people wonder: do I really want to spend that much extra just because it is Apple?

What can you do to join the Apple Cult

Apple products are always a hot commodity, and with constant upgrades to the electronics and new accessories, they continue to score high value for the money you spend on them. Finance your iPad via Buy Now Pay Later method can be the ideal way to stay on top of changing technologies with minimal financial concerns.  As a result, customers can have access to their Rent to Own iPad while they are making payments on the product. This also means that hard earned money can actually work harder for the customer.

The “Apple Cult” is so popular it is mainstream

When Buy Now Pay Later

Part of the benefit of a rent to own/buy now pay later iPad is in understanding the process for choosing and purchasing these electronics.  Unlike bank loans where credit limits are based on past history, a buy now page later iPad can be purchased with the pre-requisite of work history.  This helps to increase the amount of money that customers can put towards their full purchase, without needing the funds up front.

Another part of the buy now pay later iPad process is the fact that payment plans can be arranged based on the full price of all the items.  As a result, spending more on the buy now pay later iPad and accessories that are really desired will tend to lead to a longer period for paying off the items.  With a 3 minute simple application, you can be immediately approved to shop, with the assurance that the appropriate plan will meet both budgeting and purchasing needs.

Who use the BNPL method

Government employees, working individual with steady income but not falling behind in credit score, recently married/moved individuals who has a lot on their list… BNPL could be a very practical method to balance your budget while getting all the life essentials (yes..I would argue Netflix is more important than cable TV)..

Oh come on this is so much better than carrying a radio cassette player

In order to get started with a buy now pay later iPad, you only need a few simple things.

  •  Application for payment plan approval
  •  Pay stub as proof of income

That’s it! And it could be fast. Getting approved for a rent to own iPad can be a same day process, which means that you can spend more happy time binge watching Friends or Breaking Bad..

Where to BNPL

When it comes to buy now pay later and bad credit financing, LutherSales.com is easily the go-to spot if easy application, swift approval, free shipping, and super helpful customer service sounds right to you. Beside from these perks LutherSales.com also offer item bundles that dramatically improve your purchase experience. Don’t want to be the careless iPad user with scratched iPad? Our bundle got that covered. Don’t want to join the victim help group of cracked iPad screen? Our bundle offers that protection. Typing and navigating on that small screen is recipe for insanity? Ask to add mouse and keyboard to the bundle. Now that you have an iPad, what about a Macbook to go with it…thinking big, great, add that to the bundle too! Remember, you definitely should make the iPad to work for you, and we are here to help.

As a fellow ________er/ian, you should invest to help your state perform better on this chart (MS save the day again)

This message was sent from editor’s tablet, which of course is an iPad 

How Electronics, Buy Now Pay Later Options, And Selection Raise Quality Of Life


The influence of technology on daily living has become increasingly greater, which also means that electronics rent to own plans are turning into a popular and viable way to make these purchases.  There are very few places at home or at work where electronics are not a necessity, and the ease of living and communication that they offer can greatly enhance the sense of abundance that a person has.  As a result, not having access or budgeting for new technologies can detract from both productivity and comfort.


When considering the purchase of electronics, buy now pay later at LutherSales options offer a number of benefits:

  • • Immediate access to purchase
  • • Bad credit not an issue
  • • Greater buying power
  • • Instant gratification
  • • Access to newest technologies
  • • Affordable monthly payments
  • • Variety of payment options

These points can also enhance quality of life since they allow for the new purchase to seamlessly balance with the existing budget.


With Electronics, Buy Now Pay Later Offers More Selection


Another consideration that electronics rent to own plans address with customers is the fact that along with the primary item that is being bought, there will frequently be a number of accessories that are also a necessity for functionality.  As an example, a new TV may also require cables, a sound bar, and a wall mount in order to provide the highest quality to a customer.  Since many people only plan on the initial purchase, the inability to get these accessories can greatly impact the quality of item performance.


For this reason, when consumers are looking in to electronics, rent to own plans should also be considered to accommodate the ancillary items that will also be needed.  This ensures that along with choosing the correct model of technology, the buyer can also enjoy all of the features at the time of purchase.  Further, this approach enables buyers to remain within their personal budget, regardless of full checkout price.


The Advantages Of Electronics Buy Now Pay Later Options


Utilizing electronics rent to own plans means:

  • • Customers take their purchase home
  • • Accessories are affordable
  • • Complete satisfaction is gained from the electronics

Manageable monthly payments and different plan tiers are based on income, so credit limits or minimal savings does not need to be a concern.  As a result, lifestyle enhancement through electronics rent to own plans becomes a valid choice for consumers from all walks of life.

Buy Now Pay Later Furniture Financing

 Author: LutherSales Team

With buy now pay later furniture, you won’t have to worry about saving and saving before you can finally furnish your home. Whether you’re looking to fill a first home with furniture, or you’re simply trying to update your current one, furniture is a necessary expense that can take a great deal of budget planning. What buying now and paying later for your furniture allows you to do is take the opportunity to furnish or refurnish now, as you pay for your furniture using payments over time.


Buy Now Pay Later Furniture Financing For Bad Credit 


For those with bad credit, having your furniture financed using a buy now pay later method is often difficult. Bad credit can cause your applications to be denied automatically, and you’ll be stuck saving for your furniture yourself no matter how long it takes. At Luther Sales, we offer bad credit financing options for those looking to buy now and pay later on their furniture, as we want to provide as many individuals with the furniture they need as possible.


Buy Now Pay Later Furniture Application Process


Whether you have bad credit, no credit, or credit that is just fine, our application process places focus on one other important thing first – your job. In order to get our buy now pay later financing, you’ll only need to prove your employment before you talk to us about your approval and finally pick out the furniture you want. This application process is a short one that uses minimal information, and you can expect to have it finished in around 3 minutes.


After you’ve submitted your application and a recent pay-stub, you will know if you’ve been approved within the same day. By offering same-day approvals, we can allow you to know just where you stand, and what you can do about your furniture, right away.


Why Buy Now Pay Later Furniture? 


What our furniture financing can provide you is a way for you to finance your furniture easy. On top of our short application and approval process, we also offer ways to make your payments without worry or hassle. With all of the things that need to be remembered during the month, forgetting something can be easy, so you won’t have to worry about physically sending us your check or payment with our salary allotment or payroll deduction options.


Buy now pay later furniture financing gives you a way to get the furnishing you want while still being friendly to your wallet.

Bad Credit Furniture Financing via LutherCredit

Bad Credit Is Not A Restriction For A Comfortable Home- there is LutherCredit by LutherSales


For many people with bad credit, furniture financing can feel like an obstacle that is hard to overcome.  One way of improving overall economic conditions within the population is also to encourage responsible spending.  As a result, quality of life is improved on a basic level of home comforts, while general qualities are boosted through healthy commerce.  There is also LutherCredit, a buy now pay later financing option offers by LutherSales which allows hard working, qualifying customers to reap the benefit of brand name furniture and appliances without having to deal with the staggering one time payment.


Consumers are discovering that through LutherSales’s Buy Now Pay Later model,  bad credit, furniture financing, and the ability to provide a comfortable home life are not mutually exclusive.  The use of payment plans and alternative contracts for remuneration are all ways to manage budgets without the use of credit, and still acquire luxury furniture for a variety of needs.


How Can Bad Credit Furniture Financing via LutherCredit Become A Benefit?


Instead of seeing bad credit as a hurdle, LutherSales customers are able to consider payment plans with low monthly rates via employer allotment or payroll deduction, which also do not require any consideration of prior credit issues.  This process also lets customers have greater purchase power, since plans can be applied based on any total for purchase.  The ratio of monthly payments is calculated as a result of this total, so bad credit will not play a part in furniture financing.


In most cases, payment plan limits are decided by the customer.  This is because the total cost of the items will indicate the qualifying plan, while bad credit for furniture financing can be limiting to the entirety of the order.  Through consideration of rates and monthly payments, customers are able to make educated decisions about their budgeting, and still get all of the furniture that they need.


Making Bad Credit Furniture Financing Work On Any Budget


The flexibility of the payment plans we offer at LutherSales also means that we are able to work on any budget.  By gaining a clear picture of monthly payment expectations via a mailed-in pay-stub as the furniture selections are chosen, customers are also able to remain in better control of what they are able to spend.  This type of long-term arrangement results in greater commerce, customer satisfaction, and the ability for individuals to fully provide for their household.


This also applies to the different levels of the payment plans, since LutherCredit lets customers qualify for a variety of financing offers.  This can also influence overall budgeting, since differences in fixed interest rates and length of time for paying off purchases can all factor into purchase decisions.  As a result, for customers with bad credit, LutherCredit furniture financing is a positive solution to balancing budget and need.


Benefit of Rent to Own TV


The concept of a rent to own TV is not always familiar to all customers.  Frequently, shopping for electronics of any kind can be on a fairly tight budget.  This is usually dictated by the funds that are available, whether it is cash or credit.  However, a rent to own TV allows buyers to have a greater number of options when making a purchase, and this can result in greater satisfaction with the product that is attained.


Even people who have decent credit will find that they are still limited in their purchase power.  This can greatly impede the ability to consider a TV that would be ideal, if that model is over the budget for what is considered affordable.  However, a rent to own TV bases monthly payments on the entire purchase cost, which opens up the door to look at TVs that will actually meet needs.


Shopping For A Rent To Own TV


This buying power can also make shopping for a rent to own TV a more pleasurable experience.  Instead of checking the price tag first and then comparing specs on the electronics, customers can make better decisions based on:

  • • Size of TV
  • • Features that are included
  • • Definition and refresh rates
  • • Power consumption
  • • Brand reputation


This shift in perspective gives consumers the chance to purchase a rent to own TV based on the qualities that are actually important, rather than being constrained by finances.  The results is that payment plans are them calculated based on the price and consumers can also have the option for lower monthly remuneration over a longer period of time.


A Rent To Own TV For Emergencies Or Enhancement


Making a purchase in this manner can be especially helpful when the need for a new TV is unexpected.  In these cases, there may be no actual budget for replacement, although it is still a necessity for the household.  With a rent to own TV, customers now have the option to purchase when the requirement arises, without trying to save up for the shopping trip.


Of course, the rent to own TV option is also widely used by people who just want to upgrade to a better entertainment system.  The benefits are still the same, however, in that a rent to own TV can provide a better fit for needs and desires, without the traditional fiscal restraints.