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Valentine’s For Couples

Special Valentine’s Day Tips for Married Couples Getting married doesn’t mean that you end the romance and just take up responsibilities. Celebration of the Valentine’s Day is not just for the new and young couples. In fact need to celebrate the day as the real essence of this day lies in the celebration of togetherness.…

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5 Surefire Ways to Repair Bad Credit Score

If you need to repair your credit, you know what it’s like to be denied loans and to be charged ridiculously high interest rates. But here’s the good news: you can repair your credit. By learning all you can and taking specific steps, you can rebuild your credit while maintaining a quality lifestyle. Here are…

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3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Municipal Employee Purchase Program

Bad Credit Furniture Financing Is Possible Bad credit furniture financing can be a headache, and this is something that anyone with bad credit can attest to. Furniture is something that every family needs in their home, for both the look and function of the space, and this means that even those with poor credit will…

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State Employee Purchase Program at LutherSales – Luxury Made Easy

Written by: Luther Team Everyone wants to maximize their purchasing power by reducing the amount of money they spend on various different kinds of purchases, and participating in LutherSales’ State Employee Purchase Program can help. There is nothing wrong with being financially “strapped for cash”. As a matter of fact, many people nowadays need alternative methods…

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Even With Bad Credit… Furniture Financing Is Easy

The couch has a permanent indent that matches the contours of your body, but with your bad credit, furniture financing seems like an impossibility.  LutherSales has made it their “business” to provide other options that can bypass your poor credit rating and allow you to relax in peace and comfort again. We use monthly allotment…

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Taking A Vacation On Credit

Many people don’t even think that taking a vacation on credit is possible. It’s common to assume that credit is something reserved for purchasing a home or car, but in reality credit can be used for pretty much anything and taking a vacation on credit is something that’s a lot easier than you might suspect.…

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Shopping Responsibly with LutherSales

We all want to buy things that will make life more comfortable, more exciting, and more convenient. We all want the most fashionable furniture, the latest gadgets, and even some time to “get away” with friends and family. With today’s economy, it’s not always easy to have all this and pay for it responsibly —…

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LutherSales and Unions: A Trusted Partnership

At LutherSales.com, your eligibility doesn’t depend on a credit score; it depends on your work history. If you have been on your job for 2 years or more, you may be eligible to  purchase the furniture, appliances and electronics you need with a payment plan you know you can afford — because it’s based on…

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March Madness Furniture Sales

LutherSales is celebrating March Mania.  Order now and receive a free 40″ Panasonic LCD HDTV with the purchase of selected room packages.  LutherSales has the furniture brands you know and love like Ashley, Broyhill, Stanley, American Drew, Klaussner and many more. Leather has never been so affordable with this contemporary DuraBlend Match 6-Piece Combo Package…

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Get Moving, Get Fit, Get Your Gear

You’ve made up your mind to get in shape, but you dread having to go to the gym everyday. Also people are looking for more economical ways to crate your better body. Luthersales has the perfect solution. Create the ultimate fitness gym right in your home. Searching for the perfect home fitness equipment is not…

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